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of a solid experience where the client is our main concern


we know well the regional specificities and therefore we are able to give the right answer for each situation

Quem somos



The activity of lawyers and law firms is widely regulated by a few statutory enactments and it is according to them that legal services have to be provided among the different partners.

We measure our intervention by demanding criteria of accuracy and competence and the value of Trust is the basis of the lawyer/client relationship. Without any doubt, beyond the trust and the competence of the legal service, in the QJF – Sociedade de Advogados (Law Firm) there is something more to offer to our clients.

We establish true and lasting relationships with all our clients in order to find the ideal and global solution to their problems, providing all the information that will enable them to take a conscious, pragmatic and realistic legal approach.  

The straightforwardness and accuracy of solutions have allowed the growth of the QJF – Sociedade de Advogados (Law Firm), with much security, beyond the partners’ recognition and the strengthening of constant and lasting relations with all our clients.


The QJF - Sociedade de Advogados, RL is oriented towards companies. However, in a geographic area of base performance that does not reach 300,000 inhabitants, the Company also offers all kinds of legal services to both companies and individuals.

The companies benefiting from our services include all branches of activity, covering, among others, the business sectors relating to Hotels, Tourism and Travel Agencies, Food and Beverages, Telecommunications and Electronics, Banking, Civil Construction and Construction Materials, Private Surveillance and Real Estate.

Since Madeira is a region par excellence for Tourism and Leisure, the QJF - Sociedade de Advogados, RL decided to devote particular attention to the provision of services related to the purchase of "second houses" by foreign clients. Thus, we developed a special aptitude that allows us to deal with the whole process of purchasing properties by non-residents, not forgetting all the matters that are connected with it and that are not only related to the simple purchasing of property. That is, in addition to purchasing or selling, it is possible to advise at the levels of taxation, bank financing, obtaining of residence visas, setting of tax residence and leasing in the periods of absence. It is truly a turnkey service.


Rua dos Ferreiros, 260,

9000 – 082, Funchal, Portugal

Telf. + 351 291 224 707

Fax + 351 291 224 897

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