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QJF - Sociedade de Advogados, RL, like all Law Firms, runs a profitable activity, but that does not keep it away from carrying out “pro bono” tasks and promoting an internal environment that allows lawyers, trainees and administrative staff to perform its activities in a committed and reassuring way, without forgetting accuracy.

All roles at QJF - Sociedade de Advogados, RL are important and valued. Employees are carefully selected and dedicated to its mission.

Trainees are chosen on the basis of very specific criteria, since, by definition, only those who show potential for future integration into the team are accepted.

The secretariat also includes people who demonstrate that they are able to actively collaborate with each other. They integrate themselves perfectly in the teamwork with lawyers and fulfill what everyone understands to be the office's mission to the client.



(Partner) - Founder of QJF. Law degree from the Catholic University of Lisbon, since July 1991. Served two terms as vowel treasurer member of the Madeira District Council of the Bar Association and as a vowel member of the Institute of Law Firms of the Portuguese Bar Association. Also was a member of the Legislation Committee of the Madeira District Council.


Preferred Areas of Performance:


  • Arbitration and Mediation;

  • Civil and Labor Litigation;

  • Credit recovery;

  • Civil Law and Private Law Contracts, Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, Lease

  • Corporate Law - Constitutions, Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring Companies and bankruptcy

  • Labor Law and Social Security

  • Pharmaceutical Law

  • Tax Law


Languages: English, French and Spanish.

 Date of Registration at the Bar Association - 1993



(Partner) - Founder of QJF. Law degree from the Classic University of Lisbon, since October 1994.


Preferred Areas of Performance:


  • Bank Law (Mortgages, Loans, lieu of payment);

  • Registrations and Notary;

  • Family, minors and succession;

  • Real Estate and lease;

  • Society and corporate Law;

  • Civil Law and Private Law Contracts;

  • Credit recovery;


Languages: English and Spanish.

 Date of Registration at the Bar Association - 1995


(Associate) - Graduated in Law from the Universidade Clássica de Lisboa since September 2010.


Postgraduate in Taxation from ISAG - Higher Institute of Administration and Management, Porto,


Post-Graduation in Public Contracts by the ICJP of the Law University of Lisbon


She has been an Associate Lawyer since 2011.


Preferred Areas of Performance:

  • Administrative and Fiscal Law

  • Right of Public Contracts

  • Credit Recovery and Executive Process

  • Insolvency Law and Special Processes for the Recovery of Companies

  • Civil, Administrative and Tax Litigation

  • Industrial Property Law

  • Conflict Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Transportation and Communications

  • Civil Law and Urban Leasing

  • Due diligence


Languages: English.


Date of Registration at the Bar Association - 2011



(Administrative Department)

Since the beginning of her career (1989) she has performed administrative tasks related to legal, notary and registration matters. She was the administrative officer of the Legal Department of the Dorisol Group until 1998.

Employee of QJF since 1999.

Languages: English.



(Administrative Department)

Since she has started working (2014) she has been involved in administrative tasks related to legal, notary and registration matters.

Employee of QJF since 2014.

Languages: English


Rua dos Ferreiros, 260,

9000 – 082, Funchal, Portugal

Telf. + 351 291 224 707

Fax + 351 291 224 897

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